Dead Pixel

This is a fun little Dashboard Widget to wind up your mates with a Laptop or LCD screens, who run Apple OSX.

Install Dead Pixel Widget

Drag the widget a little, press Fn-F12 or whatever key sequence you have set up to exit Dashboard, drop the widget, and then click it. Instant Dead Pixel! The first time you run the widget it will restart dashboard as it has to enable development mode to allow dragging into the foreground, so you may need to add it twice initially.

TIP: To repair your dead pixels, hold down alt and wiggle the mouse pointer over the pixel, an (x) will appear to allow you to repair it. Magic. If this doesnt work, untick the dead pixel widget from the list of widgets in the widget manager.

Disclaimer: Please dear god, don’t try to return your laptop to apple under warranty, and stop your friends before they try to. Also, if this program results in real dead pixels or a damaged screen if people try and rub them away, it’s your fault, not mine.

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