MessageRemovedBot for Skype


(c) 2011 – Mark Bryars – [email protected]



Annoyed at seeing a message from someone on skype to find:
“Message has been removed”
or that they’ve edited some abuse to be nice?

Protect yourself with MessageRemovedBot!

No other communication medium supports changing or removing communications in the way skype does and I find it to be most distruptive, thus this bot was born.

This bot will allow small typo fixes (up to 5 chars) without triggering, and it will allow edits which are just appended to the last line.

Poor Example:
Alice: How are things going?
Bob: Excellent
Alice: [Changed] Bob : Rubbish
Bob: This message has been removed.
Alice: [Removed] Bob : Stuff you!


GPLv3 or higher – see gpl.txt

* Linux (OSX might work)
* Python
* Python Levenshtein
* Skype4Py

eg. sudo apt-get install python-levenshtein python-skype

You will need to patch your Skype4Py to add support for edit notifcations.

eg. patch -p0 < skype4py.patch


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